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The Hundreds Board

This online resource includes activities covering the achievement objectives for Number in Level 1 and Level 2 of the Number and Algebra strand of Mathematics in the New Zealand Curriculum. There are multiple activities in each section and these are designed for ongoing use with students as they gain confidence in number knowledge.

They also provide opportunities for assessment at these levels.

Key competences

Many of the activities provide opportunities to develop Key competencies.

In particular:

  • practise thinking when they investigate and generalise patterns
  • use language, symbols and texts as they communicate findings
  • relate to others as they share and communicate ideas
  • manage self when they work independently
  • practise participating and contributing when they work in pairs or as a class to complete activities.


Assessment activities could include:

  • a student’s ability to count forward and backward
  • a student’s ability to use basic addition and subtraction facts
  • a student’s ability to recognize and generalize patterns in whole numbers
  • a student’s ability to use mathematical language and communicate mathematical ideas.

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