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Ngā Toi

Here you will find information about online and offline resources to support teachers. Some of the resources align with the previous curriculum Ngā Toi i roto i te Marautanga o Aotearoa. The titles of the online resources link to the relevant websites.

To order offline resources such as books, CDRoms, and DVDs go to the Down the Back of the Chair website.

Online resources

Ākona te Tau: Hine Raumati

The broad theme of these four units is Hine Raumati and each unit covers a level (1 to 4) of Te Marautanga o Aotearoa. The units have been designed with a tirohanga Māori, are thematic in nature and cover multiple learning areas. Although the activities span various learning areas, they have been chosen to encourage oral language in the classroom – both formal and informal.


Paekupu is a new website that will house all dictionaries that support the implementation of Te Marautanga o Aotearoa. The dictionaries will identify and provide detailed explanations of the technical language used within each learning area of the marau and provide examples of how the terminology can be used within a learning context.

Initially Paekupu will house two sections of the Ngā Toi dictionary currently under development however, it will be continually supplemented with further dictionaries so that Māori medium teachers and students will be able to start accessing specialist curriculum-based language from a single online portal. Toi Ataata (visual arts) and Toi Puoro (music) will go-live first, then Ngā Mahi ā te Rēhia (performing arts) will be added on its completion in June 2017. This will be followed by Te Reo Matatini (literacy) in December 2018. Pūtaiao (science) and Pāngarau (maths) will also be brought into Paekupu at a later date and other similar resources will be added as they are developed. 

Exploring Te Ao Kori

Te ao kori (the world of movement) is a Māori celebration of life through movement and its many expressions. These resources encapsulate ideas for planning learning experiences and intended outcomes. Many of the learning experiences are richly demonstrated with the use of video and photographs, showing games and activities such as whai (string games), ngā mahi poi (poi activities) and takaro ā-ringa (hand games). Click here to view the English language version of the website called Exploring Te Ao Kori.

He Tauaromahi Ngā Toi

This is the home page for the tauaromahi ngā toi or arts exemplars.Tauaromahi ngā toi are samples of authentic student work annotated to illustrate learning, achievement, and quality in relation to levels 1 to 4 of Ngā Toi i roto i te Marautanga o Aotearoa. It includes links to teachers' notes and a matrix of progress indicators.

Offline resources

Ngā Manu Rōreka

By Apirana Taylor
This playscript is about two students who get into trouble at school. Two ancestors come to life to try and assist and guide the pair who appear to lack confidence to do well. They are encouraged to enter a local talent quest by their ancestors who believe that they possess the necessary attributes to win. For more information about this resource go to the He Kohikohinga Rauemi ā-Ipurangi website.

Waiata Kohungahunga 7 (kit)

This is a music resource for teachers of kohanga or early childhood. It has teachers' notes in English and Māori, with activities and cards with the words to the songs in Māori, and a CD with ten tracks. Each track starts with a read-along activity that follows the words of the waiata. For more information about this resource go to the He Kohikohinga Rauemi ā-Ipurangi website.


By Hera Black-Taute
Dancing and movement is good for the body. When a young girl meets Temepara George at a disco she decides the whole whānau should be dancing. For more information about this resource go to the He Kohikohinga Rauemi ā-Ipurangi website.

He Pūtea Whakanakonako 4

A collection of six love songs that show different attributes of affection. This resource supports the CD and the teachers' guide that looks at the methods of research linking toTe Marautanga o Aotearoa and NCEA. For more information about this resource go to the He Kohikohinga Rauemi ā-Ipurangi website.

Teacher resource exchange

This facility allows you to contribute resources about the Arts that you have created for the classroom, or make use of other teachers' resources, such as lesson plans, unit plans, activities, and assessment tasks.

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