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Due to copyright restrictions, this flipbook is only viewable within New Zealand. For further information please contact mataurangamaori@tki.org.nz


Here you will find information about online and offline resources to support teachers. Some of the resources align with the previous curriculum Hangarau i roto i te Marautanga o Aotearoa. The titles of the online resources link to the relevant websites.

To order offline resources such as books, CDRoms, and DVDs go to the Down the Back of the Chair website.

Online resources

Ākona te Tau: Hine Raumati

The broad theme of these four units is Hine Raumati and each unit covers a level (1 to 4) of Te Marautanga o Aotearoa. The units have been designed with a tirohanga Māori, are thematic in nature and cover multiple learning areas. Although the activities span various learning areas, they have been chosen to encourage oral language in the classroom – both formal and informal.

He Tauaromahi Hangarau

This is the home page for the tauaromahi hangarau or technology exemplars. Tauaromahi hangarau are samples of authentic student work annotated to illustrate learning, achievement, and quality in relation to levels 1 to 5 of Hangarau i roto i te Marautanga o Aotearoa. It includes links to teachers' notes and a matrix of progress indicators.

Te Wharekura 23: Te Mahi Rourou

This section, from the online version of the Te Wharekura 23 book, explains how to create a woven basket, and also includes some images.

Offline resources

Pātaka Tūmahi Hangarau

The ten A3-sized activity cards in this set support the teaching of hangarau at levels 2 to 3 in Māori-medium classrooms. Each card is based on a different topic, and most are linked to the learning experiences and assessment examples set out in Hangarau i roto i te Marautanga o Aotearoa (item 22600). For more information on this resource see He Kohinga Rauemi ā-Ipurangi.

Tūhuratia te Ao Hangarau

Tūhuratiata te Ao Hangarau is a resource that supports the secondary school marautanga hangarau and has been designed to be used by students. Within this resource set there are five student books (three copies of each title), five CD Roms that have been made to support each title, and the teacher manual. For more information on this resource browse He Kohinga Rauemi ā-Ipurangi. Teachers' notes are also available from Mā te Pouako.

Teacher resource exchange

This facility allows you to contribute resources about technology that you have created for the classroom, or make use of other teachers' resources, such as lesson plans, unit plans, activities, and assessment tasks.

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