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Terms and conditions

Guidelines for submitting to the Teacher Resource Exchange

If you contribute a resource, it will be moderated by a community facilitator before being published online. This will usually take about three days. The facilitator may contact you to suggest small changes before publication or may make minor edits which have no substantive effect on the integrity of your resource. You’ll be notified if your sequence isn’t accepted, and you’ll be able to contact the facilitator for more information.

Before sharing a resource, please ensure the following:

  1. Brandnames (such as iPod, PowerPoint or Gladwrap) are not be visible in images or used in audio files. (Use descriptions, such as ‘mp3 player’, ‘online presentation’ or ‘clingfilm’.)
  2. You have permission from anyone whose voice or image is used in the resource. (This is because the resource will be publicly available on this website.)

    Download a permission form for using audio, photo or video (PDF 65KB) (PDF, 73 KB)

    This is for a young person but can be adapted if seeking permission from an adult.)
  3. Your resource is original. (Make sure you don’t include material that is copyright protected or produced by another person, without seeking permission and acknowledging that person.)
  4. Your resource does not contain material that is offensive or defamatory.
  5. Your resource doesn’t include information that may compromise the privacy of another person (eg, personal contact details) unless you have their permission.

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