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Curriculum level Contributor Resource Date Submitted
Level 3 Melanie Riwai-Couch

Spelling Lists for Years 5 - 8 (PDF, 48 KB)

Spelling lists to be used with Maori medium students - utilises high frequency words but grouped into word families that Maori medium students need support with, such as compound words and words ending in 'f' that change to 'ves' when made plural. Grouped into four ability levels, the spelling lists are distributed weekly and learnt using the sequence of 'look, say, cover, write and check'. Students then put each word into a sentence showing ints correct meaning and then complete a word find with the same words for homework. Over 11 weeks students will learn 150 - 200 words depending on what group they are in. My students have a spelling folder to stick all word lists into - the practice sheet goes on one side and the sentences on the other, with the word find for homework. Templates have been attached and will find a way to upload actual word lists.


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