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Te Tautoko 75: Mā te Pouako

Date: 20/11/2015

Te Tautoko 75: Mā te Pouako

These teachers’ notes aim to assist teachers within the Māori medium sector when they use the journal Te Tautoko 75. It provides a variety of reading strategies, lesson sequence ideas and learning tools where reading comprehension is a key aim of the learning and teaching. Pūtaiao and Tikanga-ā-Iwi are two of the learning areas in Te Tautoko 75, with a focus on economics and business. The themes in the journal relate to the history and use of Māori land. There are two articles that relate to personal experiences: living and working on a farm, and being part of the 2004 Foreshore and Seabed March. Teachers can adapt the learning tools from these teachers’ notes to use in their own teaching and learning programmes.

Te Tautoko 75: Mā te Pouako (PDF, 23 MB)

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